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Our Simple Vision

We are confronted with complexities at a staggering pace. Competition lurks around every corner and from the most unlikely of origins. A new business model, a kid in a garage, a new technology, a renewed spirit. Viewing technology as a cost center instead of an integrated force-multiplier compels many to see these competitive threats from the lens of disruptive-stress instead of disruptive-opportunity. Enter Flagler Technologies®. Outcome-oriented, experienced professionals with a pioneering spirit to help you tackle disruptive transformation.

We believe in making our exponentially-changing, complex world a simpler, awe-inspiring and relaxing place to live, work and learn. We see ourselves as ‘pioneers of change’ and like all good pioneers, we design simple solutions to tackle disruption.

We are a multi-faceted, skilled IT solution provider and serve the entire U.S.

We are customer advocates for our customers into some of the world’s most innovative and industry leading technology companies including Dell EMC, VMware, Cisco, HPE, Splunk, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and more.

We dynamically serve many verticals such as financial, healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, media & entertainment, and state and local governments. We focus on simplifying the journey through digital transformation while harnessing the power of our highly skilled, experienced employees to help modernize and transform with digital infrastructure, hybrid & public cloud, pervasive security, data analytics coupled with Flagler's professional and managed services.

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