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a world-class ecosystem of established & emerging alliances

Our focus on established and emerging technologies combined with our range of integration expertise stimulates close cooperation with our strategic technology partners. Our training and certifications, together with industry-leading business partners, are built upon our experience and expertise with relevant technologies. Through our expertise, vision, and execution, our sole aim is to provide unparalleled quality and service to our customer's business needs.

Managed Service Partners

At Flagler Technologies we have much to offer our potential managed service partners (MSP) and the technology ecosystem in general. Our expertise and experience with regard to IT solutions and cybersecurity are unparalleled. We possess multi-modality organizational mastery in these fields and can extend our knowledge to help support our partners in matters relating to them. Additionally, we are remote work specialists and can help establish secure and professional remote work opportunities for other organizations, allowing them greater flexibility and efficiency in achieving organizational goals.

We offer supremely qualified security analysis and improvement to ensure that our MSPs' data is secure. We achieve this through a multifaceted multitiered methodology that we apply to every situation's unique security needs and requirements. We have risk management programs that involve people, processes, and technology combined to guard against potential threats at every level, including desktops, mobile devices, the internet, local network, data center, DNS, and cloud environments. Threats in the modern age can come from any direction, and we at Flagler Technologies stand prepared and ready against both established and emerging cybersecurity threats. This expertise is something that we provide to our managed service providers (MSP) in order to help ensure the integrity of their organization and our technology ecosystem in general.

Emerging Alliances & Technology

The importance of emerging technology in our industry cannot be overstated. New technologies are constantly forming and evolving in the global tech sphere, requiring us to constantly learn and adapt to maximize our success with them. We pride ourselves on our expertise in the fields of IT, cybersecurity, and more. This expertise comes from both experience and innovation as we quickly work to adapt to all new and emerging technologies and become subject matter experts on them. The latest emerging technologies in the world of IT are notably cloud computing and cloud use, as well as the broader field of data security. More and more often, critical data, functions, and applications are stored and used through the use of cloud technology.

Cloud technology refers to the ability to store and backup programs and information on the internet rather than on a dedicated hard drive. This is increasingly popular, as it removes many of the limitations of hard drives on data storage and adds significant ease of access, as the cloud can be accessed from just about anywhere with internet access. This emerging technology is transforming the digital landscape by allowing for greater and more complex data and program storage with universal accessibility. This allows companies to, for example, enable many remote work modalities that previously weren't possible, as the necessary work data and applications would previously have had to have been stored on a physical hard drive that you would need access to. Now, with cloud services, remote work can be done from virtually any computer with internet access, as you simply access the cloud online and authenticate yourself as an authorized user of the information, and you are ready to work.

This offers unparalleled flexibility to our MSPs in organizing their workflow. We are also experts in remote work optimization, and we assist our managed service partners in establishing effective remote work protocols. Remote work is another emerging technology we specialize in. We offer integration solutions for digital collaboration via Zoom, CiscoWebex, and GoToMeeting, enabling your team to work remotely in a collaborative way effectively. We offer VPN integration to allow your workers to securely log on anywhere on company laptops or from any personal mobile device. We simplify secure endpoint access to provide the security to keep your organization safe and shielded. We offer single sign-on solutions for applications, cloud applications, and desktops to eliminate the need for complex databases of passwords and usernames across your organization.

We also have remote desktop accessibility, allowing your employees to access their work applications and desktops remotely from anywhere in the world, in addition to extending the security protection sphere from your corporate network to the remote-user devices in question. We extend the security of your local hard drive to the cloud, ensuring data and network security and integrity on all fronts. In this way, we are able to control access to your materials and segment them by authorization level, only allowing employees access to the information and applications that are strictly germane to the work for greater data security. This still allows flexibility in addressing problems and working collaboratively with our top-notch cybersecurity infrastructure to protect your organization.


The security of their essential data and applications is of top concern to our managed service partners, and thus we emphasize this area of our expertise significantly. We provide data security governance with an in-depth understanding of all the emerging contractual and regulatory requirements contained therein in order to ensure your organization's security. We take a multilayered approach to cybersecurity, focusing on multiple facets of data breach prevention at once. Our security risk methodology allows you peace of mind and an integrated approach to data security that will make sure to safeguard your environments and all your mission-critical systems. We offer comprehensive analysis and improvement of our managed service partners' security risk assessment and management, as well as incident response.

We offer unparalleled benefits to digitized or digitizing companies seeking to maximize their protection from cybersecurity compromise. Our range of services includes penetration testing, threat intelligence, on-premises infrastructure security, as well as hybrid-cloud and cloud-native infrastructure security. You don't want to be caught unprepared for a cybersecurity threat, as these sorts of threats can cost millions in compromised data, programs, and techniques, some of which may never be recoverable. As the proportion of cyberattacks has risen 164% year over year, it is critical that your organization be proactive in securing itself from any and all forms of cyberattack, which is what Flagler Technologies specializes in.

Our Value

At Flagler Technologies, we value our managed service partners (MSPs) and consider them invaluable additions to our organization. We provide IT infrastructure support of the highest order and quality including help desk services. More and more companies are moving to modernize and consolidate their online infrastructure. This is something we have considerable experience and expertise in doing, and it is something that is increasingly necessary for the 21st-century marketplace. If you aren't adapting to the evolving role of IT in the business landscape, then you can be sure that your competitors are. Stay ahead of them with our digital infrastructure support services. Our IT solutions include new consumption models such as hybrid-IT and multi-cloud. With these services, we are able to form MSPs with companies that require high-end IT services and cybersecurity infrastructure and benefit from their respective skill sets.

With our assistance, your organization can maximize its IT modalities for efficient and effective operation, as well as guard against cybersecurity threats that may be lurking. Furthermore, we can increase your company's flexibility and accessibility with regard to remote work, allowing your employees to work from just about any location on the globe securely. This will be of benefit to not only your employees but to your infrastructure, as this flexibility carries with it a greater opportunity for innovation and efficiency. These remote work capabilities allow your employees to be unrestricted by physical location and provide you with top productivity despite the constraints of pandemics or other disasters, offering unrivaled utility for any type of organization.

Moreover, the nature of the cloud-capable business environment, which we support and optimize, allows for the non-physical manipulation of mission-critical company programs and data. No longer are you restricted to simple physical hard drives, and no longer are you ruined if something should happen to those hard drives. Our cloud capabilities allow us to optimize your organization for the modern technological landscape and enhance your data's accessibility within the organization while maintaining its security through online access. Securely access your applications and data online without the limitations of physical data storage. These are the capabilities of cloud technology.

Our Partners

We provide our emerging technology partners and MSPs with elite capabilities in the fields of IT infrastructure, data security, cloud capability, data and risk management, workload operations, and more. This allows us and our partners to routinely push the boundaries of maximum efficiency, productivity, and innovation in our respective fields.

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