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IT Security Solutions

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Who We Are


Flagler Technologies is an innovative IT solutions provider in Florida focused on traditional digital infrastructure, hybrid & public cloud and security solutions.

Flagler Technologies is an innovative IT solutions provider in Florida focused on traditional digital infrastructure, hybrid and public cloud, and security solutions.

To achieve these goals, we prioritize both strategic initiatives and technical priorities in the field of information technology. Our aim is to enhance productivity, improve operational service quality, and provide the best technology solutions to our clients. We offer a range of solutions, which I'll explain in detail below.

Digital IT Infrastructure Services


We provide solutions and IT infrastructure support of the highest order and quality. More and more companies are moving to modernize and consolidate their online infrastructure. This is something we have considerable experience and expertise in doing, and it is something that is increasingly necessary for the managed service provider marketplace.

If you aren't adapting to the evolving role of IT in the business landscape, then you can be sure that your competitors are. Stay ahead of them with our digital infrastructure support services. Our cutting-edge IT solutions in South Florida include new consumption models such as hybrid IT and multi-cloud. We provide consulting, design, and implementation for:​

  • Storage, Compute, and Hyper-Converged

  • Data Management (Protection, Archive, Compliance)

  • Data Center Networking, SD-WAN, ROBO Networks

  • Collaboration

  • Virtual Desktop & Application Infrastructure

  • IoT - 5G Edge

  • Enterprise WiFi and Mobility

  • Data Analytics and AI


Our data management solutions also include Cloud Data Security Solutions, Data Security Solutions, and Remote Worker Security Solutions. We provide comprehensive IT support and solutions for your established or growing digital infrastructure.

Hybrid & Public Cloud Security Solutions


Rather than just giving you a "one size fits all" approach to IT, we at Flagler Technologies build a unique hybrid cloud system to meet your individual business requirements. We offer accurate cloud design, consulting, migration, integration, managed services, cybersecurity, technology solutions, and support.


We are able to do this through our application dependency mapping, workload migration and planning, as well as precise cost analysis. In the modern business landscape, IT managers are increasingly under pressure to find ways to transform their cost centers into strategic service providers and enablers for their business organizations. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the name of the game, and it is something that we at Flagler Technologies are very familiar with.


With our hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities, you will be able to scale efficiently and provision resources effectively based on changing application demands. This will allow you to introduce new products and services on a scale and at a speed that is simply unparalleled. We offer solutions including but not limited to:

  • Application Dependency Mapping

  • Workload Migration and Planning: I/O footprint and cost analysis

  • Cloud Application Security

  • Data Center Automation

  • Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Backup to the cloud for On-Prem or In-Cloud Workloads

  • Application Rationalization and Refactoring

  • Simplify Multi-Cloud Operations

  • Cloud Recurring Billing Portal and Instance Optimization Reporting

​Flagler Technologies' secure data management solutions also include the following:

  • Digital Infrastructure Solutions

  • Data Security Solutions

  • Remote Worker Security Solutions

  • Technology Solutions

IT Security Solutions


IT security solutions are an increasingly evolving and developing field with far-reaching implications and considerations underpinning their effective use. Cyberattacks have risen some 164% year over year as the use of technology becomes more abundant and the attack surfaces more pervasive. For this reason, data security in IT management is of vital importance to any business and, in particular, growing businesses.


Data security governance has become an overarching subject matter encompassing all new regulatory and contractual requirements across all industries. Consequently, developing a security approach that includes pervasive protection and a multilayered approach has become completely essential to protect critical company data and infrastructure. Entire organizations, and not just IT, must have risk management programs to guard against threats.

Our security risk methodology allows you peace of mind and an integrated approach to data security that will make sure to safeguard your environments and all your mission-critical systems. At Flagler Technologies, we offer a holistic approach to security and risk management encompassing ​​effective security policies and procedures, risk assessment and management, regulatory compliance, incident response, and education and awareness. We use a well-accepted risk management methodology to provide IT leaders and the board of directors with a continuous view of their organization's exposure and remediation path.

Our security offerings encompass hardware, software, services, and support for:

  • Risk Management and Incident Response Planning

  • Data Protection and Isolated Recovery

  • Infrastructure Security: On-Prem, Hybrid-Cloud, and Cloud-Native

  • Managed IT Security Services

  • Physical Security: Video Surveillance, Access Control

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Security Operations

  • Governance & Compliance

  • Application, API, and Penetration Testing

Flagler Technologies' secure data management solutions also include the following:

  • Digital Infrastructure Services and Solutions

  • Cloud Data Security Solutions

  • Remote Worker Security Solutions

We offer incomparable benefits to digitizing or digitized technology companies that seek to make themselves less vulnerable to digital modes of compromise. Our security and risk management business solutions and methodologies will help your company provide streamlined and optimized cybersecurity solutions.

Remote Workers Security

We additionally offer remote worker integration features. We can help your company provide remote work and business continuity while keeping security at the forefront. We offer integration for solutions for remote collaboration, such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, and GoToMeeting, offering ideas on how to enable your team to work effectively in a remote setting.


We offer VPN integration to allow your workers to securely work from anywhere on company laptops or on personal mobile devices at any time. Simplify secure endpoint access and provide the security necessary to help keep your organization safe and protected. We also offer single sign-on solutions, eliminating the need to juggle a database of usernames and passwords across your organization. We offer a single sign-on solution for your applications, cloud applications, and desktops.

We also offer multifactor authentication mobilization to allow your employees to work securely from anywhere, simplify secure endpoint access, and increase your flexibility as an organization. Additionally, we have remote desktop capability, allowing your employees to remotely access their virtual applications and desktops from anywhere while extending the security protection sphere from your corporate network to the remote-user devices in question. To ensure a seamless user experience in a VDI environment, you need a single sign-on solution for all of your applications, cloud-based applications, and desktops.

We enable you to provide a remote device access and control policy to provide a flexible balance between user convenience and risk. This empowers IT to configure the right amount of access based on a person's role or location, the device type, and the sensitivity of the resources being requested. This system centralizes policy management and strengthens access control at the network layer before the user reaches the backend resource.


We allow you to unify the management and control of thousands of desktop and mobile devices into a single, secure, browser-based dashboard. Drive your organization's mobility by seamlessly onboarding new devices and rolling out security policies. Push out new applications to remote devices, perform live troubleshooting, track location, or wipe the data from the remote device entirely when the device is compromised, lost, or stolen.

We offer flexible cloud-based security when and how you need it. We offer collaborative and remote file systems for if your business depends on collaboration from a variety of different channels. Share files and information between teammates, customers, vendors, and partners smoothly and without any frustration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Integrated IT Service Provisions

Here, we will go over some of the most commonly asked questions about our IT service management and security.

What If I Have Had a Recent Data Breach?

In the wake of such a devastating event as a data breach, it is of vital importance to take stock of what was compromised, evaluate how it was compromised, and take steps to prevent similar future breaches. Flagler Technologies will guide you through this process and provide professional data security evaluation to examine the extent of your breach, as well as what can be done to protect the data that has already been compromised and prevent its malicious use. We will additionally draft an entirely new cybersecurity scheme for you and implement it in a streamlined and effective manner to ensure that such a breach never repeats itself.

How Can You Help Me Integrate Remote Work for Sensitive Data-Driven Work?

We will consider the sensitivity and security of your data when analyzing and presenting a remote work solution for your business. This involves controlling access, authentication and approved devices. Depending on the security level involved, you may not be able to allow certain liberties, such as working from personal devices or the use of programs such as Zoom or Cisco Webex. However, we will work tirelessly to accommodate your security requirements and create a remote work solution that functions well for your organization and takes into account all necessary conditions to maintain your business' security and efficiency.

Transformation. Delivered.

We deliver outcomes through transformational technologies and expertise through professional and managed services. Our full lifecycle methodology includes assessment, strategy, consulting, design, implementation, and optimization.

For the most outcome-oriented IT solution and managed service provider in Boca Raton, Florida, and throughout the U.S., contact Flagler Technologies at 561.229.1601 or contact us online. 

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