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The telecommunications industry can be bewildering at best. With Flagler Technologies as your liaison, we can help reduce the complexities and wrangle costs. We unravel telecommunications nuances and run your digital infrastructure and hybrid-cloud connectivity with peace of mind. Provisioning management, inventory and invoice management, difficult contracts and terms, ROI, market awareness, and new innovations are are challenges that many businesses face.

We assist our clients in selecting telecom carriers and services that meet our client's digital infrastructure and hybrid-cloud data security requirements by reducing complexity, enabling innovative features and flexible consumption models. We represent over 50 different industry-leading and innovative carriers and provides multi-vendor solutions for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We offer the unique capability of managing the entire telecom lifecycle—from vendor assessment and negotiation to service provisioning and integration as well as optimization and on-going management.


For the most experienced telecommunications service provider in Boca Raton Florida and throughout the U.S., contact Flagler Technologies at 561.229.1601 or contact us online


  • AWS Direct Connect, Azure Express Route

  • MPLS, Fiber, Metro

  • Voice Services - Analog, PRI, DS3, SIP

  • Cable Internet, - LTE Backup

  • Mobility/Wireless

  • Voice/Video Conferencing

  • SD-WAN


Flagler provides complete telecommunications and associated solutions as a specialized extension to your IT and telecom teams. We take a consultative approach to assist in solution design, contract analysis, procurement, implementation coordination and optimization across all telecom-related services.

  • Voice

  • Data

  • Wireless

  • Co-Location

  • Cloud Connectivity


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