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Data Management Services

How We Tackle IT

We are confronted with complexities at a staggering pace. Competition lurks around every corner and from the most unlikely of origins. A new business model, a kid in a garage, a new technology, a renewed spirit. Viewing technology as a cost center instead of an integrated force-multiplier compels many to see these competitive threats from the lens of disruptive-stress instead of disruptive-opportunity. Enter Flagler Technologies®. Outcome-oriented, experienced professionals with a pioneering spirit to help you tackle disruptive transformation.

We believe in making our exponentially-changing, complex world a simpler, awe-inspiring and relaxing place to live, work and learn. We see ourselves as ‘pioneers of change’ and like all good pioneers, we design simple solutions to tackle disruption.

We are a multi-faceted, skilled IT solution provider and serve the entire U.S.

We are customer advocates for our customers into some of the world’s most innovative and industry leading technology companies including Dell EMC, VMware, Cisco, HPE, Splunk, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and more.

We dynamically serve many verticals such as financial, healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, media & entertainment, and state and local governments. We focus on simplifying the journey through digital transformation while harnessing the power of our highly skilled, experienced employees to help modernize and transform with digital infrastructure, hybrid & public cloud, pervasive security, data analytics coupled with Flagler's professional and managed services.

IT Resources

Rather than just giving you a "one size fits all" approach to IT, at Flagler Technologies we build a unique hybrid integration system to fully meet your business's individual needs. We offer accurate cloud design, consulting, migration, integration, managed services, and support. We can do this through our application dependency mapping, workload migration, planning, and precise cost analysis. In the present business environment, IT managers are increasingly pressed to find ways to metamorphose their cost centers into strategic service providers and enablers for their business organizations. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the game's name, and it is something we are very familiar with.

With our hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities, you will be able to scale efficiently and provision resources effectively based on changing application demands. This will enable you to introduce new products and services with ease at scale and with unparalleled speed. Flagler Technologies provides information technology services and IT infrastructure support of the highest order and quality. Companies are increasingly moving to modernize and consolidate their online and digital infrastructure. This is precisely the area in which we have unrivaled experience and expertise, and it is something that is increasingly necessary for the 21st-century marketplace. If you aren't adapting to the evolving role of IT in the business landscape, then you can be sure that your competitors are. Remain ahead of the competition with our help by adapting to a rapidly changing marketplace. Our IT solutions include new consumption models such as hybrid-IT and multi-cloud. We provide consulting, design, and implementation for:

  • Storage, Compute, and Hyper-Converged

  • Data Management (Protection, Archive, Compliance)

  • Data Center Networking, SD-WAN, ROBO Networks

  • Collaboration

  • Virtual Desktop & Application Infrastructure

  • IoT - 5G Edge

  • Enterprise WiFi and Mobility

  • Data Analytics and AI

Our data management solutions also include Cloud Data Security Solutions, Data Security Solutions, and Remote Worker Security Solutions. We provide comprehensive IT support and solutions for your established or growing digital infrastructure. We offer solutions including but not limited to:

  • Application Dependency Mapping

  • Workload Migration and Planning: I/O footprint and cost analysis

  • Cloud Application Security

  • Data Center Automation

  • Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Backup to the cloud for On-Prem or In-Cloud Workloads

  • Application Rationalization and Refactoring

  • Simplify Multi-Cloud Operations

  • Cloud Recurring Billing Portal and Instance Optimization Reporting


​Flagler Technologies' secure data management solutions also include the following:

  • Digital Infrastructure Solutions

  • Data Security Solutions

  • Remote Worker Security Solutions

IT Security Solutions


We offer premium security solutions for companies seeking to protect their data and network from digital attacks. Our approach to information security is multitiered and revolves around multiple authentication and information segmentation points. A number of the primary threats facing many enterprises are ransomware, credential stuffing, unpatched systems, and social engineering. These are all common forms of attack used against organizations and are threats we specialize in protecting against. We will now go over these threats more specifically and discuss why IT providers must be prepared to face them.


This form of attack involves a cybercriminal stealing your company's data and oftentimes the access points to the data and then threatening to distribute or destroy the data if a ransom is not paid, usually via cryptocurrency. This type of attack is increasingly common and has been faced by many industry leaders in a variety of different fields. Good overall security integrity is the only way to protect against such attacks, as retroactive thinking is not of much help in such a situation.

Credential Stuffing

Many companies operating on both unsecured and secured networks have faced this form of attack. In a credential-stuffing attack, a cybercriminal uses credentials stolen from another network to break into yours. This form of attack relies heavily on the fact that many people use the same passwords across multiple accounts, making compromising many of them after one has been compromised a simple matter.

Unpatched Systems


The issue with unpatched systems is that not applying or misapplying patches that address existing risks is that, quite simply, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to forms of attack that cybercriminals have been known to use to target organizations using your type of system. This represents a significant security liability, yet it is still a common problem. In particular, mid-size and small companies often suffer from this potential weakness.

Social Engineering

This attack vector relies heavily on human interaction and the psychological realities of such interaction. Social engineering attacks refer to a broad category of attacks in which personal information is gathered from the intended victim and utilized in an attack. Phishing attacks are a common form of social engineering, and they are oftentimes successful when leveled against unprepared and even sometimes prepared organizations.

These various forms of attack are an omnipresent threat for any company operating in the modern tech landscape. We are able to offer comprehensive security solutions to all these forms of attack through our multitiered cybersecurity approach. We offer risk management planning that will offer a thorough analysis of your potential risks as well as contingency plans in the event of a manmade or natural disaster as a cornerstone of IT security. Additionally, we can evaluate your infrastructure security and provide recommendations for the security and integrity of your hardware, software, and applications.

Furthermore, we will bring your systems up to industry and regulatory standard compliance seamlessly and penetration test your security once it is brought up to speed to further evaluate potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We also provide cloud analysis to make sure that your cloud system is adhering to appropriate security protocols and hybrid-cloud services. Our network security coverage spans your endpoints, network, vulnerability analysis, monitoring, and management, all to ensure the security of your company's data.

IT Remote Worker Solutions


With the modern business environment, including the possibility of pandemics and other major interruptions to regular business functions, it is invaluable for employers to have the option of integrating remote worker solutions into their workflow. Flagler Technologies allows this remote worker integration to have both flexibility and security incorporated. We enable your employees to work through a VPN network, allowing secure login from a company laptop or from any computer or mobile device, depending on your preferences. With this, we incorporate security protocols, including two-factor authentication at every level to ensure data security compliance and that each employee has access to only that which they are authorized to view.

We also offer optimization for remote work collaboration through Zoom, Cisco Webex, or GoToMeeting, allowing your team to securely work together on projects from virtually anywhere on the globe! Additionally, we can integrate single sign-on features so that there is no need to juggle a huge database of passwords and you can easily get notifications, and endpoint access is secured for your company's safety. Furthermore, we allow remote desktop integration, allowing your employees to securely and remotely access their work desktop, centralizing policy management and securing access at the network level before reaching the backend resource.

Flagler Technologies


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