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Creating objective-driven digital infrastructures offer enterprise leaders an unprecedented number of opportunities to modernize and consolidate their infrastructure. IT plays a critical role in this digital transformation, which starts with a reexamination of traditional network, security, data center, mobility, collaboration infrastructures and expertise practices to ensure they can support new workflows, applications, and outcomes with agility. CEOs and boards of directors demand a strategy for leveraging IT to boost productivity and shareholder value at speed.

Users demand IT support and access to enterprise assets from multiple personal devices. Managers of key departments and lines of business demand that IT integrate and support new technologies to advance operational objectives and empower customers. Lateral players such as Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are demanding more influence and control over the direction of IT.

The evolving role of hybrid IT and managed services in the business landscape is now commonly termed “digital transformation,” and is broadly viewed as imperative to organization success, but the term can have many different definitions.

With our proven methodologies, CIOs and line of business owners are empowered to define and manage critical IT transitions in a way that helps achieve strategic objectives.
With these tenants in place can organizations tap new capabilities. Enabled today by hyper convergence, virtualization and cloud and tomorrow by innovative, transformative technologies. Leveraging these new digital technologies, organizations can
create better customer experiences, new revenue streams and competitive advantage.

Digital Infrastructure Services

Our digital infrastructure services help make existing infrastructures and assets more efficient while affording our clients new consumption models such as hybrid IT and multi cloud services. Leverage our experience to wade through the many, complex configurations across automated technologies. We simplify the complex IT panorama while helping identify and deploy the solutions most appropriate for our client's strategic needs.

We offer IT professional services and managed IT services including consulting, design, and implementation for:


  • Storage, Compute, and Hyper-Converged

  • Data Management (Protection, Archive, Compliance)

  • Data Center Networking, SD-WAN, ROBO Networks

  • Collaboration

  • Virtual Desktop & Application Infrastructure

  • IoT - 5G Edge

  • Enterprise WiFi and Mobility

  • Data Analytics and AI

We help our clients transform by enabling them to expand from individual silos of technology and human-to-machine workflows by moving from traditional human-to-computer solutions to machine-to-machine public cloud communication while tapping end user data from everywhere including non-IT assets. Gather new insights to help form scalability, and greater business decisions.

Flagler Technologies' Secure Data Management Solutions

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