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Leveraging AI for Enhanced Data Analysis in Your Business

Updated: Jun 12

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With the recent proliferation of ChatGPT, Gemini, and other chatbots, it’s easy to get the impression that artificial intelligence is a new concept in business and tech. But the truth is that business systems have been using some form of AI for quite some time. You may not even be aware that some of the applications that your business systems are using are running AI programs in the background. If you have information systems that aren’t using AI to refine processes, organize information, and make instantaneous choices, then you’re probably at suboptimal efficiency. 

Flagler Technologies is a Florida-based managed service provider (MSP) and managed security service provider (MSSP) that helps businesses integrate this exciting technology into their information systems. In this article, you will find out how AI can improve your bottom line. 

AI-Driven Analysis

Because of their speed and accuracy, companies have been relying on computers to process, categorize, store, and sort their data for decades. However, large databases often represent a blindspot of users who aren’t sure exactly how to access or use the data. Enter machine learning. Machine learning is an AI application. By establishing guidelines and parameters, computers can sift through large amounts of data and draw conclusions based on the information it receives.

For example, consider a security application that tracks the activities of thousands of users. It identifies each user by their login credentials and begins tracking patterns in the applications they use, the data they collect, the hours they work, etc. The security software uses this information to detect anomalies, like a user logging on after hours and downloading enormous amounts of data. There could, of course, be a legitimate reason for this activity, but the security software can alert the appropriate staff members so they can make a determination. 

This is just one of the ways that AI programs are being used in businesses of all sizes. AI programs can also use their pattern recognition capabilities to forecast future activity and events. Additionally, because computers are able to identify, analyze, and react faster than humans, it can improve efficiency —  particularly when there are a lot of requests for information.

There are many more examples of how machine learning and other AI functionalities are currently helping businesses grow while becoming more efficient. 

  • Online retail platforms often use AI to tailor the shopping experience to each customer. As a customer or potential customer visits a website, a program logs their IP address and notes which items the visitor clicks on. When they return on future visits, the site tailors the user experience based on the perceived preferences. It may also log demographic information on the customer for comparison with other site visitors. 

  • AI models can help executives make informed decisions by providing data-supported insights that may be overlooked by a human team analyzing large amounts of data. 

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  • In healthcare, AI has been used to identify patient populations and categorize treatment plans that provide better healthcare outcomes and more efficient allocation of resources. 

  • Human resource departments use AI to identify and sort through large volumes of applications and provide a curated list of individuals that would be suitable for the job. This can reduce the hiring process by tens of hours for every job opening. 

To learn more about how AI can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance security, contact Flagler Technologies today. 

Expertise in AI Implementation

The role of AI in an organization is to automate mundane tasks, improve customer service, provide better insight into the data you’ve collected, and more. As impressive as this technology is, it does not replace executive oversight or the need for human resources. Working with business AI experts, like the Flagler Technologies team, can help you avoid over-implementation. 

When you consult with an IT engineer at Flagler Technologies, you will be able to discuss your goals and expectations from AI implementation. Our team will analyze your processes and make recommendations. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine the level of implementation that you’re comfortable with. You may also learn of AI functionalities that you didn’t know existed. Our mission is to help your company realize a healthy and rapid return on investment. 

Security Considerations in AI Data Analysis

Cybercriminals are becoming more resourceful than at any other time in the history of computers. AI-supported security software can rapidly identify potential security breaches and shut down access, turning a potentially devastating attack into a security incident. 

We can also establish protocols for an event where an authorized user is misidentified as an intruder. As time passes, the system learns patterns, becoming better at identifying unauthorized users.

Cloud Environments for AI Analysis

AI-supported software takes advantage of cloud data storage. Because of the relative affordability of cloud storage when compared to an in-house system, businesses are not required to make difficult choices when it comes to data storage. AI software can utilize all of the data or make choices about which data is relevant. 

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Because cloud data is encrypted, the information being accessed by the AI program is secure. Cloud-based environments are also readily scalable. If your data exceeds your current cloud capacity, you can upgrade your plan without interruption.

Managed AI Services

It’s worth noting that artificial intelligence is a burgeoning, changing field, and the number of IT professionals who have a thorough understanding of AI is insufficient for the needs of all businesses. By using a managed AI service provider, your company can tap into the experience and technological acumen of the industry’s top experts.

An MSP like Flagler Technologies will work with your in-house IT department to implement AI applications. We can also train your staff to operate, monitor, and troubleshoot your systems. For most small and medium businesses, it’s just not practical to hire a full-time staff member — especially in an in-demand field like AI.

Flagler Technologies puts our entire team at your disposal at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff. Our technicians receive extensive training and have vast experience in AI implementation. 

If your company is seeking ways to improve efficiency, tighten security, provide better client/customer service, and increase profitability, contact Flagler Technologies today. Let’s discuss leveraging AI for your company. 



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