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What Are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Precisely what is "managed IT services?" Managed IT services is the process of outsourcing the oversight and operations aspect of a company's various information technology needs. This can include a wide variety of services, from installing and monitoring printer networks and supplies to more advanced technologies such as managing cybersecurity and threat/risk protection.

When people inquire as to what are managed IT services, we also often hear the follow-up questions regarding the benefits of hiring a company to take care of these responsibilities for an organization. Does it make sense for a small company to outsource IT management? What about large companies, should they simply form an internal department? And most importantly, what can a managed IT services company do that you can't accomplish in-house? These are all fair and reasonable questions, and the answers surprise many individuals.

To understand the true value and benefit of outsourcing information technology services to a managed IT company, first we must understand precisely what these services are, the expertise they entail, the time it takes to complete such tasks, and of course, the cost.

managed IT services

What Is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT service is a proactive approach to information technology upkeep and management. Instead of taking the approach of "we will call someone when something breaks," it takes the approach of "we will have a company continuously monitor these things to ensure that nothing breaks, and if it does, service and repair will happen much quicker."

Managed IT services in Florida can include many different aspects of monitoring information and technology. There are several services that fall among the most common, and they can impact countless elements of the business.

Information Services

The "I" in "IT" stands for information, so it is no surprise that information services are among the most common elements of managed IT services. But what exactly is information services? This umbrella term covers many different aspects of a company's digital infrastructure.

Information services can include things such as user authentication, which ensures security when operating a business's data points and technology. Additionally, information services include software maintenance and updates, technical support, systems management, data backup and recovery, data storage (whether completed on hard discs or via cloud transfer), cloud management, as well as network monitoring.

All of these services come together to ensure that a business remains protected against cyber threats, data hackers, identity theft, and more. Make sure that all of your valuable and sensitive data, such as passwords, banking information, and proprietary information is safe from those who may benefit from hijacking your network.

Business-to-Business Integration (B2B Integration)

Business-to-business integration includes some of the most fundamental elements of business communication. A managed IT services company can help set-up, monitor, update, and troubleshoot many electronic communication networks such as e-mail, phone lines, video conferencing, VoIP, WiFi and internet services, and more.

Media Services

Similarly, a managed IT services company may manage all other elements of a company's media cabinet. This can include in-house televisions and smart TVs, audio and sound systems, broadcast systems, and more. If there is an electronic or connectivity issue in the office or service area, the managed IT service company can address the issue and ensure that all items are up and running smoothly and without error.

Power Services

Managed IT services companies can also help monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain electrical and power services for an organization. This may include things such as ensuring that all major appliances have proper surge protection, making sure that all connected devices are operating as intended, and more.

More Managed IT Services

Additionally, when asking what are managed IT services, there are several other aspects of functionality and operation that a company may monitor and handle for an organization. These include things such as transportation services (route monitoring, GPS coordination, and more), water services such as quality testing and smart irrigation, smart grid deployments, supply chain management and planning, and so much more.

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Who Needs Managed IT Services?

You may be wondering if managed IT services can benefit your business. You may think that your company is too small to require managed IT services, or conversely, too large for managed IT services to be effective. However, organizations of all sizes in all industries need a team of information technology professionals working to ensure their business's data, information, networks, and devices remain safe, protected, and in working order.

How Small Business Can Benefit from Managed IT Services

Small businesses can benefit from managed IT services in several ways. Most importantly, hiring a company to handle your managed IT services is a way to get professional, expert assistance at a reasonable and cost-efficient rate.

Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies can be expensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, managing complex IT networks can require specialized knowledge. Not all small companies can afford to take this on, and that is completely okay. But just because your company isn't large enough to have a dedicated in-house IT team doesn't mean that you should have to forgo the latest and greatest digital software, programs, and devices.

Managed IT services provide small businesses with part-time help on an as-needed basis, with service packages that are tailored to meet your unique needs as an organization. Perhaps you do not require a company to help you with transportation logistics, but you do need assistance with monitoring your network and preventing data breaches. With a managed IT services firm, you can pay for only the things you need while receiving personalized, dedicated assistance.

How Big Companies Can Benefit from Managed IT Services

Surely, if small companies can benefit so greatly from managed IT services, large companies do not require their assistance. In reality, the opposite is true. Large companies face different challenges, yet these obstacles are very real and can be cost-prohibitive.

The bigger your company is, the more electronics and devices you have to monitor, update, and maintain. It is also likely that as your company grows, you will become a larger target for data hackers and identity thieves. However, maintaining an in-house IT department that is capable of handling the volume of these issues can be extremely costly if your company is big.

More devices mean more glitches, more opportunities for user error, more opportunities for software or mechanical error, and the need to have more hands-on-deck. Allow a managed IT services company to fulfill this role for you, freeing up your budget to spend in other crucial areas without sacrificing professionalism or quality of service.

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How Managed IT Services Benefit Your Business

Companies, both large and small, can benefit from managed IT services. Outsourcing managed IT services can enable your organization to run smoothly and efficiently while also saving money. This can help small- and medium-sized businesses grow to scale and can help large businesses to effectively manage their costs.

Cost Management

One of the largest reasons to consider managed IT services, no matter the size of your business, is the ability to keep information technology costs both low and predictable. Not only will your company save money on full-time payroll, benefits, paid time off, and more, but you can also save money on more abstract costs such as the effects of a data breach.

Data breaches can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even more, if you have client or customer data that gets compromised in the process. Managed IT services give your company the ability to ward off cyber threats before these breaches occur, therefore saving you money on the costly recovery, clean-up, and reimbursements you may be responsible for.

Additionally, the excellent thing about working with a managed IT services company as your outsourced partner is that you will know precisely the cost of your services each month. You can enter in a short- or long-term contract that secures a low monthly, quarterly, or annual rate, assuring that your costs never exceed the amount noted in your terms of service.

Remain Data Compliant

For companies that work in the healthcare or financial industries, as well as for companies who work with sensitive client or customer data, remaining in compliance with specific codes and regulations is essential. Your company may have to adhere to HIPAA healthcare privacy laws, the GDPR financial regulations, or other specific criteria.

Outsourcing a managed IT services company can help ensure that you remain in full compliance at all times with such guidelines, enabling your company to stay in business and avoiding any legal or financial consequences that may come as a result of improper data storage.

Professional Knowledge and Expertise

Working with a managed IT services company also provides your organization with professional knowledge and industry expertise available at your fingertips. Is a particular network down, or a specific machine malfunctioning? Give us a call and we will send the appropriate service representative or technician to your site or access your networks remotely to identify the issue and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Minimize Downtime

Sometimes electronics crash or networks go down. Unfortunately, this is a reality of living in a digital world. However, when you have a managed IT services firm working on your side you can minimize the downtime your company experiences from such events, getting back online faster. This can save you money, minimize a loss of sales and profit, and help improve customer service experience throughout your organization.

When you work with Flagler Technologies, you can rest assured that should your company ever experience technological issues, that we will be working on it as soon as possible.

Scalability and Service Customization

Another major benefit tonsuring a managed IT services company is the ability to scale and customize service packages based on the unique needs of your organization. Perhaps you do not have a need for media services now, but as your company grows you may in the future.

With managed IT services, you can select the services you do need immediately, and you can always augment or change your contract as your needs evolve. The best part is that you will not need to go through the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding process for new department employees as you grow and expand services. We already have experts in that department on-staff and ready to serve your organization.

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