October 23, 2019
Dan Colucci
P:  866.300.3525

Lamark Media Enhances Time-To-Value Utilizing Amazon Web Services

Boca Raton, FL LAMARK MEDIA today announced time-to-value enhancements for its B2B and consumer services utilizing Amazon Web Services. This accomplishment is a predictable move for Lamark Media and its mission to use the power of insights uncovered from real-time data to solve unique customer challenges.

“Digital Media and Content Marketing companies need to provide a faster time-to-value for their direct and B2B customers,” says Dan Colucci, Senior Director, Client Solutions at Lamark Media.
“We have found that using Amazon Web Services helps us gain insights and solve these unique challenges at greater speed and with more agility."

Lamark Media gathers and streams real-time data from many sources and across many clouds. Creative services, SEO, Content and Social Media marketing efforts now demand that these services be spun up for direct and B2B clients at greater speed. "Part of that speed is based on our proven methodology and the other part is based off of actionable insights," says Dan.
"Before utilizing Amazon Web Services, platform provisioning used to be both costly and time consuming where our creative teams were waiting on platforms and actionable data," remarks Colucci.  


Lamark Media leverages Amazon EC2 Compute and Managed Relational Database services for Website Development, Decision Sciences, and Social & Content Media Marketing platforms that can be securely provisioned and decommissioned at market speed while providing cost containment capabilities.

AWS consulting partner Flagler Technologies was retained for Lamark Media's transformation project and cloud managed services.
More than anything else Lamark's services revolve around a cultural mindset. When customer's entrust Lamark Media with their business, they take that responsibility very seriously. So much so, that from that point forward, everything they do to reach those goals are based on respecting that responsibility. 

"We value partners like Flagler Technologies whom fit into our culture and share our values," says Dan Colucci.



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